The new news officially came, and the Gumino effect appeared, which was unexpected to the American chip giants

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2022-11-12 16:52

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After the revision of chip rules, many chip enterprises such as TSMC can't ship freely, which has brought considerable impact to the global chip industry, especially to chip semiconductor giants such as Qualcomm, TSMC, ASML, etc.

Because chips are necessary components, many manufacturers have started to accelerate the self research of various chips, or no longer rely on a single manufacturer in chip, but adopt diversified production strategies.

For example, Huawei has fully entered the field of chip semiconductors, and has also made breakthroughs with the domestic chip industry chain; Xiaomi OV and other domestic manufacturers have accelerated the self-development of chips.


In addition, Huawei and other manufacturers originally developed chips based on ARM architecture, but now they no longer rely on ARM technology alone, and begin to develop chips based on RISC-V.

The new news officially came, and the osteomino effect appeared

As ARM and other chip enterprises cannot ship freely, many chip enterprises around the world have begun to join the RISC-V family. 80% of the highest level members of the RISC-V Council are Chinese enterprises, and Alibaba, Huawei, ZTE and others are.

Recently, new news officially came, China Mobile OneOS also announced to join the RISC-V alliance, and Unisplendor also announced to develop and design more chips based on the RISC-V architecture.


In the past, manufacturers developed and designed chips based on ARM architecture. After chip rules were modified, more manufacturers chose RISC-V architecture.

This means that the domino effect appears, and a large number of enterprises begin to shift to RISC-V architecture.

In fact, in addition to the chip architecture, the osteomino effect also appears in the field of lithography.

It is reported that because ASML cannot ship freely, Huawei has made it clear that it will enter the field of new materials and terminal manufacturing, and its Hubble is a domestic enterprise that has invested in lithography technology for many times.


Huawei also visited many domestic Qualcomm and scientific research centers, which have taken lithography and other related technologies as the primary technical problems to overcome.

In addition, Canon, Hero and other manufacturers have also jointly launched the NIL process in order to break the monopoly position of EUV lithography machine in the chip field. Domestic manufacturers have also cooperated with Canon and other lithography machine manufacturers to tackle high-end lithography machine technology.

What's more, the Russian Institute of Technology has heard that it is developing more advanced X-ray lithography machines.E

ven Samsung, TSMC and other chip manufacturers are introducing more advanced chip packaging technology to reduce their dependence on ASML lithography.


American chip giants never expected

It can be said that more and more chip enterprises begin to abandon ARM architecture, adopt open source architecture RISC-V, and reduce dependence on ASML lithography machine, either to develop new chip manufacturing technology, or to develop lithography machine.

However, this situation has surprised the American chips and they have made new statements one after another.

Among them, ASML clearly stated that it was not because ASML was unwilling to ship, but because of the Wallson Agreement.

In order to realize free shipment as soon as possible, it has accelerated the research and development of lithography machine, expanded the production line, and improved the production capacity.


In addition, Intel, AMD and other chip giants have also taken action to join the RISC-V family. They are worried that their products will no longer be popular with manufacturers after the RISC-V architecture becomes mainstream.

After all, domestic manufacturers prefer RISC-V architecture, which belongs to open source architecture and is not restricted by any rules.

Most importantly, more and more manufacturers are developing chips based on RISC-V architecture, which makes ARM uneasy.

According to the news, ARM has made it clear that the company's latest V9 architecture has passed the review of relevant American departments, and can be freely sold to any enterprise without the permission of the United States.


You should know that ARM's main revenue comes from its technology licensing. Once chip manufacturers stop using ARM's technology, they will naturally suffer heavy losses. What's more, ARM's revenue has not increased for many years.

It is precisely because of this that it is said that the new news has officially arrived, and the Gumino effect has emerged, which is unexpected for the American chip giants.

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