Talent concept


SUPERCO guided by the scientific development view and scientific talent, adhere to the people-oriented, the rule of the social responsibility of the enterprise and staff grow up together, regard human resources as the first resource, respect for labor, for knowledge, for ability and for creativity, grasp training, attracting and using the key link, actively promote the "four innovation" and "five combinations", ability construction as the core To high-level personnel and genNew talent training, employee training, vigorously improve the quality of the whole team, train and bring up quality reasonable structure, excellent business personnel, management personnel, technical personnel and skills talent team. 

Four innovation


Innovative thinking

Truly establish the idea that human resource is the first resource, strengthen the construction of the team in the development of enterprises in a particularly important position to implement. Take effective measures to cultivate and train a large number of high-quality talents to adapt to the company's development strategy as soon as possible.


Innovation mode

To meet the needs of enterprise development and employees' career development, explore and implement flexible and efficient training modes, strengthen the overall operation and coordination of training resources, and improve the quality and efficiency of education and training.


Management of innovation

In accordance with the idea of intensive management of human resources, an education and training management system with unified planning and hierarchical responsibility should be established to realize the organic combination of centralized management and business guidance and ensure the effective implementation of training tasks.


Innovation mechanism

Establish a talent training incentive mechanism which is in line with the actual development of enterprises, conforms to the law of talent growth and integrates training, assessment, use, treatment and development, so as to create a good environment for the development of various talents and promote talent training Effective development and the healthy growth of all kinds of talents.

Five combination


All staff training & key training

Adhere to the combination of all staff training and key training. In accordance with the requirements of building a learning enterprise, we will carry out all staff training covering all levels and classification, and strengthen the cultivation of high-level innovative talents and key talents in short supply.



Off-job training & Job training

Adhere to the combination of off-job training and on-the-job training. Adopt flexible and diverse methods, give full play to the advantages of different training forms, realize the organic combination of different training methods, and ensure the quality and effect of training.



Unified planning & hierarchical responsibility

Adhere to the combination of unified planning and hierarchical responsibility. Strengthen the company's education and training work coordination and unified planning, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of different management levels, layered powder organization implementation.



Centralized management & Specialized division of labor

Adhere to centralized management and professional division of labor. We should give full play to the coordinating role of centralized management departments, fulfill the responsibility of professional departments for business guidance, strengthen standardized management, and make training more targeted and effective.



Talent cultivation & talent introduction

We will continue to combine talent training with talent introduction. While strengthening the training of existing staff, we should strengthen the construction of talent introduction mechanism, improve the quality of talent introduction, and constantly enhance the overall strength of talent team.