Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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2024-01-24 18:19

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we gather together to celebrate the festival.

In addition, the company also prepared a birthday party for employees


In this cheerful atmosphere, everyone enjoys a well-prepared dinner while enjoying delicious mooncakes. On the table, there are a variety of dishes, delicious and delicious, and it is mouthwatering. We talked and laughed, shared the little things in work and life, and enhanced mutual understanding and friendship.




As night fell, the birthday party officially began. The personnel department has prepared the employee's birthday party in advance, and the elaborate birthday cake has been prepared. When the birthday boy was invited to the stage, there was warm applause and good wishes from the audience.



Each birthday employee received a carefully selected gift, representing the company's blessing to them, the candles on the birthday cake are also shining, each candle represents a year of growth and hope, everyone sings the happy birthday song, everyone will bless the birthday star, let them feel the warmth and the strength of unity.




In this special festival, we enjoy the delicious moon cake, taste the warmth of reunion, and also feel the warmth and unity of the SuperCo family.




Finally, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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