Originating from Chinese Academy of Sciences, domestic DSP chip supplier Zhongkeben originally completed round B financing

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2022-11-03 14:00

Source: investment community

Recently, Zhongkeben, a domestic digital signal processor DSP chip and solution provider, completed the round B financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Yida Capital and China Internet Investment Fund, followed by Guoxin Science and Technology Innovation Fund and Smart Internet Industry Fund, as well as the old shareholders Shenzhen Venture Capital and Gaochuang Australia.

It is understood that this round of financing is mainly used to accelerate the development of serial independent innovation architecture DSP and optimize the product layout in industrial control, new energy and other fields.

Qingdao Benyuan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in August 2018. The core founding team originated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and has been focusing on the development of DSP chips for a long time, with nearly 20 years of strong technical accumulation in this field. The company adopts an independent innovation architecture and provides customers with internationally competitive DSP products and solutions for industrial control, new energy, electric vehicles, rail transit, video and audio processing and other fields. At present, it has successfully achieved mass production and large-scale application of many DSP chips.

Yida Capital said that high-performance digital signal processors and artificial intelligence DSP are important directions for high-end digital chips to be localized. It is of great significance to solve the urgent needs in many major areas of the country and achieve autonomy and controllability, with broad market prospects. The original team of China Science Ben originates from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has been deeply involved in the DSP field for 20 years. With profound technology accumulation, the products have been verified by a large number of head customers, and comprehensively replace international products in terms of performance, power consumption and stability.

The China Internet Investment Fund said that the integrated circuit industry is the core and foundation for promoting the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, and achieving autonomy and controllability in this field is an important support for industrial development. Zhongkeben is committed to becoming a world-class high-end digital signal processor chip and solution provider. Strengthening DSP research and development will help improve the supply level of core electronic components and promote the high-quality development of the integrated circuit industry.

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