Scientists create super high-speed optical chips to transmit the entire Internet in one second

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2022-11-03 13:51

Source: American Stock Institute

Copenhagen, Denmark - Researchers from Denmark University of Technology and Chalmers University of Technology have created a super high-speed optical chip that can transmit the entire Internet in one second. In a new paper published in the magazine, the chip has a detailed introduction to natural photonics, which is part of a new experiment to push optical fiber communication to the next level.


The engineers were able to create a super high speed optical chip that could transmit data at an amazing speed of 1.84 gigabits per second. For reference, the whole Internet is considered to be slightly less than 1 Pbit per second, which means that it can all use this new chip for transmission. In addition, 1.84 megabits per second is more than 20 times faster than the ESnet6 that Science Network just upgraded to. More specifically, the fastest internet speed available to the public is 10gb, but most places can not even provide 1gb in most places. But one gigabit is equal to one million gigabits, so the advantages of optical chips are obvious.

However, what is more impressive is that this super high-speed optical chip can provide these amazing speeds only by using a single light source and a single optical chip. The researchers made the chip using an infrared laser called a frequency comb. This is then divided into hundreds of different light frequencies and colors. It can then encode these different lights before they are recombined into a single beam and transmitted through the fiber. It is this design that makes ultrahigh speed optical chips as powerful and fast as it is.

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