The China Automobile Chip Innovation Competition was launched to accelerate the incubation of domestic automobile chips

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2022-11-12 16:53

Source: Beijing Daily client


Recently, the 2022 China Automobile Chip Innovation Competition was officially launched in Beijing Economic Development Zone. The competition specially launched the plan of accelerated incubation camp to provide industrial acceleration services for high potential start-ups, integrate domestic first-class technical experts, research institutes, industrial demanders, investment institutions, local governments and other resources, and promote the industrialization and scale of selected projects.

As a region with high concentration of integrated circuit industry and advanced technology, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone will build a chip product rapid application system led by leading enterprises in the field of automotive chips; At the same time, with the help of the test verification and industry experience capabilities built by the National Innovation Center, a green channel for automobile chip on board and mass production applications will be built to drive the incubation of a number of innovative enterprises.

According to the data released by the China Automobile Association, from January to September 2022, the production and sales of new energy vehicles (4.170, 0.06, 1.46%) in China will reach 4.71 million and 4.56 million, respectively, with the penetration rate reaching 23.4%, doubling year-on-year. The size of China's automobile and new energy vehicle market has steadily ranked first in the world. In 2022, fuel vehicles will carry 938 chips on average, and new energy vehicles will carry 1459 chips on average. However, the localization rate of automobile chips is not high, so it is urgent to overcome a number of technologies and open up a new track for domestic automobile chips.

The China Automobile Chip Innovation Competition, with the theme of "Automobile Core, Core Benchmark, Core Ecology", focuses on domestic automobile chip products and automobile chip enterprises, and invites expert teams mainly composed of automobile enterprises and parts suppliers to evaluate and award domestic automobile chip enterprises and products. The competition set up the most influential automobile chip award, the most innovative automobile chip award, the most promising small and micro enterprise award, the best industrial chain cooperation award, and the best industrial ecological collaboration award.

According to the relevant person in charge, the selection of this competition covers chip products, venture capital incubation, industrial cooperation, ecological collaboration and other aspects. At the same time, it will conduct closed door discussions on key core technology issues, investment and financing issues of the automotive chip industry chain, jointly promote industrial cultivation and industrial ecological construction, ensure the safety and stability of the automotive industry chain and enhance the core competitiveness of the domestic chip industry.

According to reports, the competition launched the accelerated incubation camp plan, which is an industrial acceleration service specially created for the high potential start-up team, and comprehensively enables early scientific innovation projects. Relying on the positioning of the auto industry platform of the National Innovation Center and the advantages of the "national team" of scientific innovation in the field of new energy vehicles, the accelerated incubation camp integrates domestic first-class technical experts, research institutes, industry demanders, investment institutions, local governments and other resources, accelerates the industrialization and scale of selected projects, and helps the development of projects.

The competition sets up the air board of directors, accelerates the opening day of incubation camp and other links. Through professional consultation and guidance for the project team from various perspectives such as technology, business operation, investment and financing, and promoting the communication and docking between the project and mature enterprises, potential demanders, and potential investors in the industry, the competition completes the polishing of the project's technical scheme and business model, and finally completes the external promotion of the optimized project through centralized roadshows, Facilitate business cooperation or investment and financing cooperation, and assist the project to obtain government support policies to achieve industrialization. After the selection and award, the competition will continue to promote the transformation of achievements of high-quality and high potential projects and small and micro enterprises in the form of innovation incubation camps.

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